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Frontier Smart Desk Systems are a range of workstations and tables designed with the aim of delivering the optimum level of flexibility and productivity for the end-user. We understand that comfort at work leads to better results, which is why we have created workstations and tables whose height can be adjusted both on manual and motorized modes up to 1,150mm from the floor. This gives the user the ultimate level of comfort, both while sitting and standing. Effective and built for stability, these durable and high-quality designs are perfect for contemporary workspaces.


  • Height adjustable up to 1,150mm from the floor
  • Available in electrical motorised and manual crank options
  • Available in Linear, L- Shape & 120° Workstations
  • Independent desk systems

Laminate Colour

  • Asian Maple

  • Cuber Oak

  • Elegant Teak

  • Gothic Grey

  • Highland Pine

  • Ice Beech

  • SonamOak

  • FrontierWalnut

  • Frosty White

Metal Colour

  • Black

  • EP White

  • GraphiteGrey

  • MI Grey

  • Sliver Grey

Fabric Colour 

  • CL-134

  • CL-114

  • CL-129

  • CL-175

  • CL-130

  • CL-174

  • CL-126

  • CL-151

  • CL-132

  • CL-170

  • CL-171

  • CL-172

  • CL-137

  • CL-175

  • CL-176

  • CL-166

* Physical sample colour may vary from its digital interpretation.